Shaun McCloskey's 3-Day Business Vision Workshop

Shaun McCloskey's 3-Day Business Vision Workshop


An $8,000+ value for only $597!


Includes BONUS predictive index profiler survey, follow up Q&A training, videos from 2020 event, and netorking/JV opportunities.


Discover the secret to make way more by working way less!


At the Business Vision Workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Generate income and actually enjoy what you do by working in your ‘genius zone’
  • ​Identify your dream team players so you put the right people in the right place
  • ​Avoid stress and eliminate the stuff that drains your soul
  • Stop your business from running and dictating your life and lifestyle
  • ​Make critical decisions with absolute certainty and clarity 
  • ​Find your passion and your mission…what you were MEANT to be doing
  • ​Breakdown your business vision into small steps that lead to huge breakthroughs
  • Discover (and live each day in) your “Unique Genius Zone” 


And here’s just a taste of what you’ll get when you attend: 

  •   Predictive Index Personality Report
  •   Personal Vision Workbook
  •   Networking with High Level Business Owners
  •   Breakout sessions
  • ​  Process Map Template  
  • ​  Dream Employee Retention Strategies
  •   “Quit Your Day Job” Blueprint (if you have one…)
  • ​  Business Vision Hot Seats  


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