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Special Event with Stars of New Show, Gritty to Pretty

Jeremy Cole, star of the new show Gritty to Pretty, manager at Neighborhood Builders, LLC and RPOA affiliate member, will be joining us on day 1 of our 2019 conference on Thursday, February 21st at 6pm for a special Q&A session happy hour!

He'll be joined by Ramon Huerta, Vice President of the Kalamazoo Real Estate Investors Association and co-host of Kalamazoo's Property Krawl, a monthly event that helps those wanting to get into renovating distress properties. Ramon appeared on the pilot episode of Gritty to Pretty.

This is sure to be an exciting event and a great opportunity to chat with two locals who are making it BIG renovating and flipping houses!

Gritty to Pretty follows Jeremy and his team as they buy, renovate and flip houses in Kalamazoo and is scheduled to air on the DIY Network at 8pm on Saturday, February 23rd!

Here is an interview Jeremy did with Fox 17 News prior to the pilot episode that aired last February:

You can get to more about Jeremy, Ramon and the show using the links below:

Gritty to Pretty DIY Trailer

Neighborhood Builders, LLC Website

Neighborhood Builders, LLC Facebook Page

Property Krawl Facebook Page

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