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SNEAK PEEK: Al Williamson - Incorporating Mid-Term Rentals into Your Short-Term Rental Strategy

Register now to see Al Williamson LIVE in Grand Rapids, MI on February 23rd 2023 @ 7:00pm EST: Click here to register!

As the traveling workforce grows and Airbnb competition tightens, you can create a lucrative “shelter from the storm” by serving travelers looking for month-long stays. Al Williamson will reveal the wide range of workers in need of extended stays and show you some marketing strategies to attract them.

Al will teach you:

• How to set up extended stay rentals that create 3x profits in "non-touristy" areas

• A secret way of running an Airbnb without breaking any laws

• How to compete against local extended stay hotels so you can reach your financial goals

• A twist on Airbnb that helps you earn twice as much as what 90% of other investors are doing

• A simple 6-step process for making a boatload of cash off rentals whether you own them or not


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