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National Speaker Interview: Scott Meyers

Mitigating Risk Through Self-Storage Investing with Scott Meyers

RPOA Podcast Episode #216

My guest this week is the nation’s leading self-storage investor and trainer. He has bought, developed, and sold over 4,200 units and over 4 million square feet of commercial and self-storage properties.

Of course, I’m talking about Scott Meyers, who’s presentation at our 2019 annual conference was such a BIG HIT we’ve decided to bring him back for round two at the 2020 Michigan Landlord & Real Estate Investor Annual Conference & Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan this week, February 27th through 29th. Click here to learn more!

At the conference, Scott will be sharing the latest strategies in self-storage Investing:

  • How to find undervalued deals where nobody else is looking,

  • How to convert distressed commercial properties into self-storage,

  • How to evaluate a good market for self-storage,

  • And how to fund those self-storage deals.

And in today’s episode we’ll be talking about ways to mitigate risk in the next recession, why self-storage will continue to be a strong asset class, how Scott is raising private equity, the importance of training, coaching, and mentorship, ground-up construction, how Scott invests in multiple states, and the difference new technologies are making in the self-storage industry.

There's a lot of great new information in today's conversation with Scott. You can also listen to our previous conversation on Episode #159.

You can see Scott Meyers live at this year's conference on Saturday, February 29th, 2020 at 1:10 p.m. in Grand Rapids, Michigan - click here to get your tickets now!

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