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National Speaker Interview: Donna Bauer

Note Buying: The Fastest, Easiest, & Safest Way to Make Huge Profits in Real Estate with Donna Bauer

RPOA Podcast Episode #211

Note buying is a super-hot investment strategy, and my guest, Donna Bauer, knows how to do it the right way. She began buying notes 20 years ago as a way to support her four young boys while still remaining a stay-at-home mom.

Today, she is the nation's most recognized authority on note buying. As the founder and president of NoteBuyer, Inc., her strategies on note buying and short sales have had tremendous results for her students/investors.

Donna was a guest two years ago and you can listen to episode #106 to learn more about her background and the basics of her strategies. In this episode, we’re going to do a deeper dive into the advantages of buying performing notes, as well as a challenge she recently accepted to deploy $100,000 of SDIRA money to achieve 30% plus returns in one year.

Donna also shares how she gets her notes to pay off early, the two profit centers of a discounted note, and the quality of notes she typically looks for. There’s a lot of great info in this episode about profiting from notes without having to spend any of your own money. Enjoy!

You can see Donna Bauer live at this year's conference on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 10:10 a.m. in Grand Rapids, Michigan - click here to get your tickets now!

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