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National Speaker Interview: Dixie Decker

How a Single Mother of Two Discovered a Way to Increase Her Cash Flow by 4X in Student Housing, with Dixie Decker

RPOA Podcast Episode #209

After a devastating divorce and bankruptcy, my guest, a single mother of two, rebuilt her life through real estate. In the process, she accidentally stumbled upon a unique method for buying and profiting in real estate without using any of her own money or credit.

And in just 3 years, she mastered the process, building her net worth over $5,000,000 and $100,000 per month in positive cash flow! Today, her business runs practically on AUTOPILOT, and she can focus on her family, growing investments and helping others succeed.

I’m excited to talk with Dixie Decker, who shares her inspirational story, and how you can get 4 times your cash flow by investing in student housing. We’ll discuss how you can pay market value for a property, and still double, triple, or quadruple the average investors single-family cash flow. Dixie also discusses her systems for leasing and managing the properties, as well as the difference between single-family student housing and the larger student apartment complexes.

You can see Dixie Decker live at this year's conference on Friday, February 27th 2020 at 10:10 a.m. in Grand Rapids, Michigan - click here to get your tickets now!

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