Three Times the Market Rent with Special Needs Housing

Thursday, February 24th at 10:10am

Nick Sidoti will teach you the secrets to turning your rentals into tremendous cash flow generators and triple your rental income with special needs housing. You will learn how to market your rentals to special populations—college students, veterans, government agencies, and others—as well as which tenants to choose that will make you very wealthy...these customers will pay you BIG bucks (2 or 3 times more than market rent) for a little extra convenience. NO, this is not Section 8 and YES, you will be blown away by the increase in profit!

About: Nick Sidoti, aka Dr. Cash Flow, has been investing in real estate for 30+ years. He specializes in residential rental properties—single family homes, special needs housing, and multi-family dwellings. He also buys, rehabs, and resells homes making large amounts of profits in short periods of time. Nick is the author of numerous real estate courses.



The "Hidden Market"

Thursday, February 24th at 1:10pm

One of the toughest nuts to crack when getting into real estate is finding a property to buy! Finding distressed properties and owners is one of the best ways to make deals happen. Tony Youngs has mastered the art of tracking and acquiring properties in every stage of the foreclosure process from pre-foreclosure to REO. He has perfected his own unique system, strategies, and techniques for acquiring foreclosure and hidden market properties and can teach you how you can do it too!

About: Tony Youngs has been involved in more than a thousand successful real estate transactions and negotiates with approximately 480 distressed property owners per year. Tony has been a featured guest on countless radio, and television programs and has trained over nine thousand students to become successful real estate investors.



Rehabbing Houses Creates Big Paydays | Thursday, February 24th at 3:30pm


Building Massive Wealth with Vacation Rentals | Thursday, February 24th at 7:00pm

Robyn Thompson, “The Queen of Rehab”, has integrated her highly successful rehab program into a new buy and hold investment strategy—providing more flexibility for rehabbing for flips or for holds. Robyn will teach you how to map out all of the hurdles, pitfalls and paydays when renovating for profits and building passive wealth!


In her second presentation, she'll also teach you how to analyze vacation rental markets, convert your rentals to vacation rentals, optimize your vacation rental listings and more!

About: Robyn Thompson has renovated and sold over 390 properties. She is the nation’s leading expert on buying, renovating and selling homes for huge chunks of cash and has taught thousands of students how to become financially independent.



The Original NoteBuyer's Master Guide System

Friday, February 25th at 10:10am

Note buying is a super-hot investment strategy and Donna Bauer knows how to do it—and do it right. As the nation's most recognized authority on note buying and founder and president of NoteBuyer, Inc., her strategies on note buying and short sales have had tremendous results for her student investors.


Note buying is one of the most versatile strategies available in real estate today. If you aren’t taking advantage of the great opportunities in notes, you are missing out on the fastest, easiest, safest way to make amazing profits in this market place. Learn how Donna’s tactics can help you take your real estate investment to the next level!

About: Donna Bauer, nationally known as The Original NoteBuyer, is one of the country’s most recognized authorities on discounted notes, seller financing, and foreclosures. For over two decades, she has shared her exclusive wealth-building strategies and helped thousands of individuals to create, build, and maintain financial freedom. She is a featured speaker at major real estate events across the country and has shared the stage with such celebrities as Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, and Dr. Al Lowry.



Take Your Cash Flow and Rental Business to the Next Level

Friday, February 25th at 1:10pm

Jeffrey Taylor will share his many ways of increasing rental income—without increasing the rent. Jeffrey is one of the most creative landlords out there. He’ll show you how you can easily increase your cash flow by the thousands with simple tweaks to your current business strategy. His presentation is not only one of the best landlord teaching moments on the circuit but—without a doubt—one of the most entertaining.

About: Jeffrey and his wife have acquired and managed rental properties ranging from single family to apartment communities for over 20 years. He is the founder of the MRLANDLORD.COM website that has over 1,000,000 page views every month and the most visited Q & A Forum on the Internet by rental property owners. He is also the author of THE LANDLORD'S KIT, the bestselling book nationwide on the subject of property management.  His latest book is THE LANDLORD'S SURVIVAL GUIDE.



Increase Your Wealth Exponentially with Multifamily Properties

Friday, February 25th at 3:20pm

Why buy 1 when you can buy 10 or 20 or even 50? Learn the how’s and why’s of buying and investing in apartments and multi-family properties with Anthony Chara. Anthony will let you in on the secrets of why buying and investing in apartments and multi-family units can be a big money maker in today’s market. Learn how you can increase your net worth and build a successful portfolio with this informative course.

About: Anthony is a seasoned real estate investor with over 20 years of experience. He has owned or managed several successful multi-million dollar companies during the last 20+ years, and owns and/or has syndicated approximately 1,600 apartment units around the country. He has also mentored several thousand aspiring real estate investors.